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Branding is not just visual components, like logos and color schemes, but thematic messages, too. When you think of a well-branded company, you are calling upon their branding efforts to remember who they are, what they stand for, what makes them different from their competitors, and how they want to be known in people's hearts and minds. These thoughts are not random but the result of expertly planned and executed strategy, messaging, and design that seeks to evoke an emotional—even subconscious—response. Creating this deep connection between your audience and your business is our specialty

Web Design

For over 15 years, we have maximized the potential of the web for each of our clients. We go beyond the surface of a pretty UI to ensure your website or web application has consistent branding, exceptional user experience, robust database development, and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We employ the latest responsive website technology and compelling graphic design to ensure your web presence maintains full engagement. Our content management solutions are hand-picked for your needs to create an intuitive and flexible technology that will grow and adapt to your business's increasing demands.


To get exceptional results from your marketing campaign, you need a dynamic and flexible strategy. Our approach emphasizes both inbound and outbound strategies. We go beyond turning your customer's passing interest into a "want"--we make it a need. By developing a cohesive marketing message, we create an intimate and engaged community that will lead to repeat customers. No marketing strategy is complete without tracking the numbers behind the scenes. We work with you to measure internal growth metrics that allow us to fine-tune your marketing strategy to perfection.


Before "SEO" became the latest buzzword in marketing services, VoomBoom Media was on the case. We have over 15 years of experience in the rapidly evolving SEO industry, so we've seen it all. Forget the shady practices that rely on risky "black hat" tactics—you need original, high quality, and relevant content to make it to the top of today's searches. We can make this happen. Our tried-and-true method is proven to get results that continue to improve over time without the risk of being penalized by search engines.


There is more to Google than appearing at the top of a search for a specific keyword. Google is also the go-to source for basic business information like hours of operation, website, phone number, and street address. We verify your company's information with Google My Business, which makes consumers twice as likely to consider you reputable, and we manage that information to keep the content fresh and the location information current.


When you invest in your branding, you want to know that it's working. You need success to be measurable. We will help you design, launch, and manage a comprehensive web analytics strategy that ensures your key business requirements are being matched by your key performance indicators. We accomplish this by implementing analytics code that collects and reports data to give us the "big picture." We can also use these hard numbers to define how well different parts of the strategy are working in order to continually improve conversion rates.

Paid Media

Creating a paid media ad on Google AdWords is the easy part—making it effective requires expertise. Our experienced team can get you the biggest bang for your buck with carefully designed ads for Google Shopping, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and other outlets relevant to your product. We measure and target your ideal demographic then use retargeting to keep your branding and product at the forefront of your audience's mind.


Smart shoppers are increasingly looking to their fellow consumers for reviews and experiences. The reputation of your business and its products, particularly in the online world, can make or break a potential customer's choice to purchase. Our integrated reputation management strategies analyze how you are being perceived and portrayed by your audience to help optimize the rest of your branding and marketing plans.

Social Media

Don't leave your social media efforts at just a few published or sponsored posts. We can help you take full advantage of the two-way communication offered by social media, allowing you to build rapport directly with your audience. Developing a personal, responsive, and sometimes even humorous social media presence can greatly improve your overall branding efforts.

Who We Are

Breaking the Surface with Speed, Precision, and Power

Nestled near the coastal mountains in Westlake Village, VoomBoom Media is a premiere branding, marketing, and design agency. Since 2004, our unparalleled integration of technical and creative services has created a legacy of distinct brand experiences that engage audiences in a lasting relationship with our clients' organizations.

When you work with our team, you gain access to a diversely experienced team comprised of uniquely talented individuals from all over the world. Every member of our team brings their drive, passion, and creativity to the table. With our philosophy of open-minded problem-solving, our unique group dynamically extracts the best from each of our talents, creating an environment of shared energy, heart, and focus that leads to proven branding results.

Creative Process

A marketing strategy without creativity is bland, unoriginal, and easily forgettable (if it's even noticed in the first place). It fades into the background as noise that consumers tune out. Creativity in marketing is the difference between reading black-and-white text about a famous painting and seeing the artwork before you, replete with color, dimension, detail, meaning, and beauty brought to life by a soulful artist.

Successful creative branding is truly an art form—one which not only connects customers to your business on an emotional level but which sets you apart from competitors' marketing. Metrics and demographics are vital, of course, but we cannot overstate the importance of the creative side of our agency.


Too many people still believe the old, outdated Shakespeare line "What's in a name? But in today's competitive business environment, names mean everything and are a crucial aspect of highly successful branding. Whether you're naming the entire company, a line of products, or a series of services, the right name is a key decision.


Creating successful messaging requires the artful combination of words and themes that fulfill the mission chosen by your overall branding strategy. After our research determines what your customers need to hear, our creative messengers will woo them with active, purposeful expressions of your company's branding.


Human beings are visual creatures. Images appeal to our core experience at both a conscious and subconscious level. A brand's overall visual scheme can be designed to evoke any reaction you wish. Our team will take your goals and translate them into a customized visual language that can be carried across all marketing channels.


Our approach to highly effective branding includes traditional and digital mediums. The digital space requires special consideration for the seamless interweaving of creativity with metric-based strategy. Across all platforms, our creative team focuses on growing and leveraging your audience's digital experience.

"Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do."

Bruce Lee

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